Weighing up Performance 0.2

If you follow my blog you'll know that I was attempting to pseudogamify my diet. The original post is here . I'm sort of attempting to apply techniques from the workplace to my quest to be less podgy. Shortly after I posted the blog I caught a bug (that I'm squarely blaming Perry Timms for) … Continue reading Weighing up Performance 0.2

Splitting the bill

I'm a big fan of Dan Ariely and, more generally, the often suprising insights into the way people act that can be gained by behavioural economics (this is a great resource , bookmark it and come back to it). Dan does a regular Q+A column in the WSJ. One practical suggestion he made that always … Continue reading Splitting the bill

Humane, Resourced: Twitileaks

The list of authors is growing and is here: http://wp.me/p3wxuY-70 - I'm trying to keep it up to date but there is some lag. Update on yesterday's leak I thought I'd write a brief note explaining what happened yesterday. A chain of events took place (with great intentions sitting behind them) that for a brief … Continue reading Humane, Resourced: Twitileaks

Humane, Resourced: A book of blogs

Update and thanksWe are nearing the end of the 'contributing phase' and I'm amazed at what we have achieved in a month. The list below is of the contributing authors and (where they have submitted early) the name of their chapter. I'l be working on confirming a release date over the next couple of weeks. … Continue reading Humane, Resourced: A book of blogs

The Book Of Blogs – almost there

Hi all, 1. Any outstanding contributions to the book of blogs need to be in by the 16th. If, for whatever reason,  you no longer wish to be included you need to let me know by the 16th too. If you aren't going to get it done by then, but would still like to contribute, please … Continue reading The Book Of Blogs – almost there

It could be worse

I'm having a year that is so bad it is reaching near epic proportions. At various points I've told myself things can't get any worse - they invariably have. This is the house that I grew up in, it blew up yesterday. For a bit of context into how bad things are: the fact that … Continue reading It could be worse

Moneyball – essential HR speedreads (part 2)

This is the second in a series of quick summaries of essential business/HR books (the first, The Drunkard's Walk, can be found here http://wp.me/p3wxuY-4H) . As with the first review, I hope the lessons are useful, but also that you read the books in due course. I chose them because they are good books that you … Continue reading Moneyball – essential HR speedreads (part 2)

5 essential HR speedreads (pt 1)

The 5 books I aim to cover in these blogs are all worth a read. To make things faster (and probably shallower for you) I'm going to give you a short summary each books and then key lessons for HR - so it's almost like you don't have to read them. Obviously I would recommend … Continue reading 5 essential HR speedreads (pt 1)