HR – where it stops and starts

A few weeks ago the kind folks at NZlead invited me to publish a post on collaborative HR. That post can be found here. As part of the post I invited people to contribute to a list of things that HR should start and stop doing in order to keep getting better. This post is where … Continue reading HR – where it stops and starts

HR and Britpop

Before Christmas I wrote a blog specifically on The Wonderstuff that turned out to be quite popular. That was unexpected. I'm a lover of good lyrics and still have that slightly 'teenage' habit of listening for 'meaning' in lyrics. Sofor this blog I've run a Genius Playlist on my iPod and picked out some lyrics … Continue reading HR and Britpop

1/2 metre Bratwursts and a Santa Dog

I went to the Christmas Markets in Berlin last month. We got caught in a blizzard (which is actually pretty standard for our family holidays) and generally had great fun. Here are some observations. They offer hot dogs in Berlin that are half a metre long. As a direct consequence result I ate a hot dog that … Continue reading 1/2 metre Bratwursts and a Santa Dog

Important notes – Humane Resourced 2

Really important points (RIP) If you ask me to review your post, unfortunately, it will take me a while to get back to you. It might take so long that you'd be better off asking someone else. I promise I will do it, I really care, but I have a large number of requests and I'll need to … Continue reading Important notes – Humane Resourced 2

Collaborative HR – a chance for you to build

I was recently asked to write a piece on collaborative HR for the folks at NZlead. It struck me that writing a piece on the benefits of involving larger groups of people in tackling issues - but only involving myself - would be hypocritical and/or stupid. As part of the piece I've written a vague blueprint/list of principles of … Continue reading Collaborative HR – a chance for you to build

It’s your career – why do you want to leave?

I wrote this in response to the coverage of Massive Monday. The busiest day of the year for people starting to look for a new role. Except I've now delayed this blog - as there is a great blog from Mervyn Dinnen telling everyone to to calm down. So I did. For whatever reason over … Continue reading It’s your career – why do you want to leave?

This time it’s personnel – for all HR authors

Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great Christmas. I deliberately left you alone and went quiet for a bit - but the relentless, trundling communication will now return in earnest. This post is an update for any authors - or potential authors - wishing to contribute to the follow up to … Continue reading This time it’s personnel – for all HR authors