Giving up

The stumble to the tipping point. The smouldering before the flames. That is the most frustrating and interesting of times. The period when the human race has its unknown glories. That is where all the great ideas and changes that never came to be live. The ones that needed one last effort that someone couldn't … Continue reading Giving up

Superquick thoughts on #indyref

What constitutes freedom in a democracy? Does splitting politicians into 'ours' and 'yours' make them any less likely to lie? We tend to place more emphasis on what is happening now and discount the future? That must make voting in an  informed fashion really tough for everyone We've evolved over thousands of years but when … Continue reading Superquick thoughts on #indyref

There is no such thing as new – Leeisms and recruitment

I just typed those immortal words in a twitter exchange with Andy Jacobs. It immediately gave me flashbacks to my time at university when a fellow student uttered such ridiculous statements that a dedicated website to capture his wisdom.I won't give the full name of the individual involved - but the statements came to be … Continue reading There is no such thing as new – Leeisms and recruitment