The Jurassic Park Problem

The Jurassic Park Problem is one of my favourite go to explanations. Now, with the imminent release of Jurassic World, I finally seem slightly topical rather than horribly out of date. I most often employ it to question HR's positions around analytics and big data - although it probably applies to most people's use of … Continue reading The Jurassic Park Problem

Song for the Asking

There’s nothing biting in here. Nothing to change the world. Just a thought. ‘Song for the Asking’ by Simon and Garfunkel is, in my opinion, one of the most perfectly crafted pieces of music ever written. There is a live version of it on a compilation called ‘Old Friends’ that is perfectly delivered. Raw, evocative … Continue reading Song for the Asking

Classroom learning – and why some organisations still need it

Classroom learning has become increasingly viewed as an anachronistic method of helping people learn. It is said that it is of no benefit to the learner, a crutch for the 'trainer' and has no long term benefit. I prefer to see us, as a profession, increase our use of tools and investigate the most appropriate … Continue reading Classroom learning – and why some organisations still need it

Breadth, Learning Networks, Narrative and Riots

I'm going to bravely declare my political allegiance. I'm a nothing. I don't identify strongly with any political party - I try to evaluate problems and work out who has the best solution to them. I like and dislike policies from across the political spectrum. I therefore can't summon the levels of bile and anger … Continue reading Breadth, Learning Networks, Narrative and Riots