National ‘Gump a Meeting’ Day

A couple of days ago I Gumped my first conversation. It was a wonderfully liberating feeling and for the benefit of humanity and productivity I'm declaring today National Gump a Meeting Day. It will improve the nation's meetings - if only for one day. Here are the reasons for National Gump a Meeting Day 1. … Continue reading National ‘Gump a Meeting’ Day

Collaboration and Watch Cogs

One of our Values at the CIPD is collaboration. As with any value it can mean different things to different people. Years ago, at a prior employer, I remember our CEO and COO describing one of our Values in two different ways that were inherently mutually exclusive (they did this within a five minute window). … Continue reading Collaboration and Watch Cogs

The Jurassic Park Problem – Part 2, HR, Data and Tech

Hello again. It's time for more on raptors and HR. I got to see Jurassic World on Sunday (finally) and it prompted me to write a follow up on my original blog on the Jurassic Park problem and HR's approach to data and technology. To summarise - I'm not afraid of the technology, I'm afraid … Continue reading The Jurassic Park Problem – Part 2, HR, Data and Tech

Digital and Leadership – #digiskills15 #CIPD

A few weeks ago I was at The Oval cricket ground for the IBM Smartworking Summit, part of a roundtable about the increasing digitisation and socialisation of work. The way we access and process information is increasingly taking similar formats inside and outside of the office. The adoption of this is not evenly distributed, but the … Continue reading Digital and Leadership – #digiskills15 #CIPD