Do a #RIGBY – A Different Performance Review

If you are watching Silicon Valley then you will know about #RIGBY. If you aren't then you should watch Silicon Valley. #RIGBY stands for 'Richard is great, but y' know' and is a shorthand used by the characters for skipping the bit where we are nice about people before immediately criticising them. 'I can't fault … Continue reading Do a #RIGBY – A Different Performance Review

Technology never sleeps

When you go to bed tonight your brain is still operating. It is is still making sense of the world, but primarily it is resting and recuperating. Your body and mind are in the process of refreshing for a large percentage of each night. During the day we process some information, we retain some information … Continue reading Technology never sleeps

Values and Moments of Truth

I'm sitting opposite a distressed gentleman who is on the phone. He is demanding the name of the person on the other end of the phone line in the contact centre that he is tied up with. It's his fifth call to try and resolve an issue. He says their claim to be 'responsive' is … Continue reading Values and Moments of Truth