Broken Arms and HR.

I got the chance to speak to Owen Ferguson of Good Practice today. I liked Owen the first time that I met him and after that point confirmation bias took over and I couldn't help but like him. We were chatting about a host of stuff today including the research they do at Good Practice … Continue reading Broken Arms and HR.

Rigging your review: this works and it shouldn’t

It's always handy to know how to rig or beneficially influence a process. Especially if you work in HR and you want things to be fair. So here is a list of things that people should watch out for their colleagues doing. And if you run the process it's worth reflecting on how you compensate … Continue reading Rigging your review: this works and it shouldn’t

Dragnet, Being Naked and Politics.

(Yeah, it's a Brexit one, it's about the debate around Brexit. My only publicly expressed view on the Brexit decision remains that it's very important) . There's a crucial debate going on at the moment, except that there really isn't. Or to put it another way, you have to look really hard to find something … Continue reading Dragnet, Being Naked and Politics.

Organisational veneer – Scratch the surface

The thin veneer that both organisations and people maintain vexes me. It gets my goat. It is a bugbear. An annoyance. A useless distraction from and distortion of truth. What happens when we scratch it? I'm sure we all manage our reputations to a degree, we are human and it's a part of that. You … Continue reading Organisational veneer – Scratch the surface