Fish where the fish are #CIPDLD18

Synopsis I don't care for your technical language. It has no interest to me. I care for your technical expertise that can help good things happen. I don't pay you for an invitation to tour your world. I pay you to step into mine. What do I see A few weeks ago I spoke to … Continue reading Fish where the fish are #CIPDLD18

Single action bias and HR

"In response to uncertain and risky situations, humans have a tendency to focus and simplify their decision making. Individuals responding to a threat are likely to rely on one action, even when it provides only incremental protection or risk reduction and may not be the most effective option." People often take no further action, presumably … Continue reading Single action bias and HR

The Organisational Trailer

The trailer is not the story. The story can't just be the trailer. When I was younger you only really saw trailers for most films in the cinema. They were a treat. They tended to be quite short and designed to not give anything away. The concept of the release of a trailer being an … Continue reading The Organisational Trailer