Whole lot of history

There is a way the conversation often goes when you are new to a role. And a way it can go How it often goes "Why don't we do my brilliant idea. I'm the breath of fresh air new boss?" "Tried it, didn't work" How it can go "I was looking through some of your … Continue reading Whole lot of history

Feedback is a gift

Feedback is a gift. Or it is like a gift in many ways. Or at least 10. My Auntie Rosie was the worst gift giver in our family - and also brought the most joy. Watching my cousin pretend to be delighted at receiving an electric lemon squeezer as a present for getting into University … Continue reading Feedback is a gift

Evidence Based Playfulness

I've been doing a couple of things recently and I've been watching some conversations develop that suggest they aren't compatible. I think they are - so I thought I'd outline why. What are the two things? Encouraging people to embrace a more evidence based approach to their work Encouraging people to experiment more - and … Continue reading Evidence Based Playfulness