About this blog/Work with me

I’m David D’Souza and I’m glad you’ve stopped by. This blog is a very personal project and does not represent the views of my employer, sometimes it doesn’t even represent my views.

I’m an Organisational Development/L+D Professional, my areas of specialism include OD, leadership development, talent management, engagement and performance management.

I’m not sure how many things you can count as a specialism – but, broadly, if you’d like people to be more productive that’s my interest too.

After two years of independent consulting, writing and speaking I joined the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as Head of London, a role which involves improving the impact, reach and influence of the Institute across the region and beyond. If you are interested in some of the events we put on for HR professionals in London then this is a good starting point. If you are an organisation or professional in London thinking about connecting then please do. I always like meeting interesting people.

I speak about what organisations (and the HR profession) need to do to keep pace with external change and write regularly with the ambition to encourage organisations to make better work and working lives, so that when people come into work they don’t shift from rounded human beings into dull, less productive clockwatching corporate citizens (‘the reverse Superman effect’ – credit to Ali Germain).

clark kent

Please do follow me on Twitter at @dds180

Connect with me on Linkedin at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/daviddsouza180 – I like making connections and I publish frequently there as well

Hear me/question me/meet me:

A selection of upcoming events

I’ll be speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference – a double header with Rob Briner on evidence based HR and how to think critically and smartly about HR solutions. Or how to separate fact from fictions.

I’ll be at the Social Robotics & AI conference speaking about the ethics of automating roles, it’s just me and Gary Kasparov (some other people may turn up) and there is an outline of my session here 

Past Events

  • WorkTech, London – November 2013 – Does HR have a future?
  • WorkTech, Berlin – March 2014 – Keynote:  The Death of Change Management
  • TEN Culture and Leadership Summit, April – Chairing panel debate on Strategic social HR: the changing nature of work
  • CIPD L&D Conference – Blogging the event for the CIPD
  • Strategic HR Network, London – May – Utilising Social Tools to Drive Collaboration
  • HR GameChanger Conference, Auckland, NZ – 4-5 Sept – Re-inventing HR
  • CIPD Leaders in Learning network, London – 23rd September – Stop Coaching. Start Helping
  • CIPD West London Branch – 28th September – Why HRDs use consultants
  • Workplace Trends Conference -15th October – An inclusive approach to improving working lives – #BTWC
  • CIPD Annual Conference – Blogging the event for the CIPD
  • HRO Today Forum, Edinburgh – 11-13 Nov – Evidence Based HR: Are we kidding ourselves?
  • WorkTech, London – 18th- 19th Nov – Chairing the People and Change stream
  • Harvey John HR Leaders Forum – 27th Nov – Practical Engagement
  • The Workplace Conversation Conference – 19th March – Why next?
  • CIPD HR Leaders Network – April 2015 – HR and the Workplace
  • CIPD L&D Show – May 2015 – Presenting and also chairing panel debate on learning partnerships
  • HR Gamechanger (London/Australia – Sept 2015) – The ‘Why of HR’
  • Change Management Institute – Oct 2015 – The Future of Performance Management
  • Enterprise Digitial Summit – Oct 22nd 2015 – Panel debate 

If you would like to talk then I’m always open to a conversation, until then…

Be awesome


4 thoughts on “About this blog/Work with me

  1. Hi,
    I am the Digital Content Manager at Symposium Events. I am emailing as I would like to see if  you would be interested in working with Symposium in the future.
    Symposium run a series of conferences and training events directed at top senior HR practitioners.

    We would love to arrange some form of collaboration whether it be: inviting you to attend and cover one of our HR related events; giving you the opportunity to publish on Symposium site; or providing you with a few HR articles.
    We will be delighted to hear your thoughts.

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