This Time, It’s Personnel: The book

This page is dedicated to the sequel to the bestselling #HR and business book ‘Humane Resourced’ *

This Time, It’s Personnel’ has now also hits the top spot and we hope that you enjoy reading it. On 3rd November 2014 the book topped the charts for Kindle books in the UK – and is indeed the top selling UK #HR book even including physical copies. It nudged ahead of Eric Schmidt’s book on how Google works… It’s lovely to see that Humane Resourced has also recharted just below…


The new book is available from the Amazon international store here and from the Amazon UK store hereplease note, I’m aware of some formatting errors. This will be updated in the first revision.

Before you go any further you probably want to know why you should buy it…

  • Because it contains over 25% more authors than the first book
  • Because Lynda Gratton agreed to do the foreword
  • Because Chester Elton – who has sold over a million books – has written us a chapter
  • Because the money raised from sales goes to charity (last time the book supported charities involved with mental health, disability, cancer research and sexual health)
  • Because the reviews of the first book below should give you a hint of what is coming…

Reviews of the first book (I never got around to updating them… )

David D’Souza’s smart curation of some clever HR thinkers and practitioners is as diverse as you’d expect and surprising in ways that you might not have. Mat Davies

Humane, Resourced is impassioned, challenging and consistently practical. If the aim was to show enthusiastic amateurs can be (almost) as incisive as hard-nosed HR journalists, it certainly hits the mark. People Management

Wish this kind of book were around 5 years ago when I graduated in HR. Maria M

A mezza of inspiration Vicky Warren

A remarkable collection of thoughts on a wide range of topics. Sarah Burton

A must read for anyone in HR or with an interest in HR Ryan Cheyne

As a final year student it’s far more interesting than academic journals Edward Morgan

Buy this book! I did and I only regretted reading some of it, plus it is really cheap. Paul Walsh

* it’s not that hard to get a bestselling book on Amazon

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