Help me shape something

I've got a speech coming up next month with the following synopsis having been given to delegates. I'd like you all to be my coaches and guides. "David will explore the diminishing relevance of attempts to influence behaviour through traditional change management techniques - and the risks that are inherent in managing change within an organisation with a script, whilst the world itself continues … Continue reading Help me shape something

Help needed (part 2) The last post seems quite popular - but it felt like posturing. It isn't. Occasionally I wonder if people think bloggers have never put anything into an organisation that they talk about. Whether this stuff works in the real world. Here is a copy of what my team did to help understand its purpose … Continue reading Help needed (part 2)

Help needed

The following are a series of disturbing reports all taken from It's my most reliable source. "The guy was obviously struggling to keep afloat. He was out of his depth and his head kept disappearing below the surface. He was calling out for help, but this HR professional was standing on the side of … Continue reading Help needed

The 7 deadly sucks of HR

I wrote a recent blog on positive things people have said to me that stuck throughout my career. Someone suggested I should do one on things that suck. Due to the way blogging works I imagine this one will be more popular HR - sometimes - in the words of Bart Simpson 'both sucks AND blows' 1. … Continue reading The 7 deadly sucks of HR

HR: the movie

Another of my early blogs (rerun to buy me time to get on top of the new book) A recent Twitter exchange prompted a suggestion that HR should have its own movie. Technically it already has but for some reason, it failed to capture the imagination. So conversation rapidly turned to what a movie with … Continue reading HR: the movie

HR/life – 10 golden nuggets

Since I'm away for the week I thought I'd lazily schedule a blog that most readers won't have will seem like I've written something new, whereas in fact I've been hanging out with Mickey Mouse. Throughout your career you have people and moments that stick with you.  There are also words and concepts that … Continue reading HR/life – 10 golden nuggets

Flappy bird and business

Last night I discovered a mobile game called Flappy Bird. When I say that 'I discovered it' what I mean is I gave in to temptation and downloaded the same thing that every else has. The game that is sitting on top of the charts for both iPhone and Android. Lesson: people follow crowds. We … Continue reading Flappy bird and business

Author deadline update – HR2

Quick and important update for authors (if you don't know what we are on about then check here) I'm extending the deadline for blog submission until the end of February. Why? It's a busy time of year and lots of people are struggling to make the deadline. The book should be a fun, community project and … Continue reading Author deadline update – HR2