Did you find what you were looking for?

Superquick NYE blog. I only started blogging back in May and it's been a fun ride. I named the blog '101 Half Connected Things' to allow me freedom to write about whatever popped into my head or I saw that day. It isn't an HR/business blog in a literal sense - it is normally about … Continue reading Did you find what you were looking for?

Guest post: @KateGL : The Clangers

I'm delighted that my first ever guest post comes from Kate Griffiths-Lambeth. In the recent set of Christmas reader requests one of the topics was 'The Clangers'. Having written about James Bond, Bagpuss, Indiana Jones and Morph my heart sank when I saw the request for The Clangers. It became clear that I didn't even have … Continue reading Guest post: @KateGL : The Clangers

Gamification – the early years

It was my daughter's birthday at the weekend. Two things happened which made me reflect on the nature of playing games. The first was that Kate Griffiths-Lambeth gave my daughter a game, it was actually a Christmas present, but I wanted my daughter to open it early. The game was one that I've never seen … Continue reading Gamification – the early years

007 business lessons from Bond

I grew up in a house surrounded by books. To remove any ambiguity in that sentence, the books were inside the house - I didn't grow up in a house surrounded by a big wall of books around to keep us in. Freakonomics references a great piece of research about parenting and the importance of books. It suggests … Continue reading 007 business lessons from Bond

Morph and business – reader’s request

This is the latest in a series of requested blogs - so far I've covered Bagpuss and Indiana Jones For those of you who remember Hartbeat (not the one with Nick Berry), the star turn was undoubtedly Morph. He went onto to greater prominence during the hugely successful 'Mighty Morph in Power Rangers' series. However, as … Continue reading Morph and business – reader’s request

This time it’s personnel/new book/FAQ/Links

On Tuesday evening I thought it was about time we started thinking about the second book in the Humane, Resourced series. I'm a little bit impetuous, so I sent out an unthinking tweet and suddenly the juggernaut was in motion again. 48 hours later we have 50 authors signed up and a new cover by … Continue reading This time it’s personnel/new book/FAQ/Links

Humane, Resourced 2 – this time it’s personnel

Welcome. This year a group of HR and business bloggers came together and published a book called Humane, Resourced. It went on to become a #1 Bestselling HR book on Amazon in the UK and did well in the US too. You can read more about the success and some reviews here. I really enjoyed the … Continue reading Humane, Resourced 2 – this time it’s personnel

Release the future

On a recent trip to Berlin we visited the Zoo. When you have a child of 3 years 11 months in tow it seems a sensible thing to do. I hadn’t been to a proper large scale zoo since my childhood and Berlin’s is world famous.  I was really looking forward to it.We walked around … Continue reading Release the future