Humane, Resourced – out on Kindle

I've just had a bizarre experience where Twitter has once again managed to beat other technology to the punch. At about 6pm someone tweeted me a picture of Humane, Resourced available in the Amazon Kindle store. It was another hour before I got an email from Amazon to say it was available in the store … Continue reading Humane, Resourced – out on Kindle

Humane, Resourced – on the way!

Kaboom! ! So, I've finally pressed the 'publish' button after a near endless email chain with Hugh at Pressbooks. Essentially the issue that appears on my screen, previewer and physical Kindle - where the book starts in the middle of the index - doesn't appear on his. I've therefore taken the gamble and published in … Continue reading Humane, Resourced – on the way!

Humane, Resourced – almost there #bookofblogs

UPDATE! GOOD UPDATE! NEWS! So, today I spent most of the day cutting and pasting and swearing and exporting and grumbling and drinking tea. It looks like we are one step away from publishing a book - an incredible achievement when you consider the original 'anybody fancy doing this?' blog post only went out in … Continue reading Humane, Resourced – almost there #bookofblogs

Role models and George Bailey

I'm 34 years old. I look older. I've reached the point in life where the good days are gone in a flash and the less good days seem to drag like they never did before. The way time itself works in changing - seasons just seem to drift into each other and my daughter is … Continue reading Role models and George Bailey

Keeping the love alive – Business sexy

Dear Uncle Dave What can we do to keep the magic alive once we've been through the first flush of romance? Thanks, @TimScottHR Hi Tim, Glad you asked about this all too common problem. If you look at typical measures of relationship satisfaction there are a few key things you can expect based on the … Continue reading Keeping the love alive – Business sexy

Business Sexy Advice column

This post follows last week's blog on applying lessons from business to real life relationships. Tweet me @dds180 if you have any made up issues you would like me to address. Dear Business Sexy, I'm having trouble selecting the right man - or maybe I'm just struggling to attract the right man in the first … Continue reading Business Sexy Advice column

Business Sexy

Let's talk about sex. Recently I read a blog by Neil Morrison about making HR sexy ( I agree with it entirely, if you want people to do things differently they need to be interested, if you aren't going to make things interesting - well, you fall at the first hurdle. Quite often we take … Continue reading Business Sexy