#cipdldshow – I love flipcharts

Organisations are both complex and simple. They are rarely 'stable' and they are increasingly reliant upon their ability to adapt in order to survive. The economy is not necessarily becoming a more accurate weighing mechanism, but it is becoming a more rapid one. You only have to look at the change in the fortunes of … Continue reading #cipdldshow – I love flipcharts


Leadership isn't the big things, it's 1000 small actions Business is all about the people If it can't be measured then it can't be improved If you aren't on social media you aren't embracing change There is no place for hierarchy anymore Everybody should be working flexibly The future is online The world is a … Continue reading Anti-binary

The Productivity Problem

I was in my early twenties and managing a team of shelf stackers for Marks and Spencer. It was my first role managing people and I looked after a shift that operated after the store shut. I was on my own, looking after about 40 people. A mixture of students and working mothers. I had … Continue reading The Productivity Problem

25 Leadership Quotes you’ve never heard

A few weeks ago I checked my timeline on Twitter and the entire page was just leadership soundbites. Some had been put onto an attractive background to make them look more important, some had been attributed to Aristotle or Einstein to make them seem more important - but essentially it was a hint that there was … Continue reading 25 Leadership Quotes you’ve never heard

Skyfail – a secret service

Please share and RT this in the hope that Sky try and improve their service I moved house on Thursday and Sky Broadband was supposed to be up and running on Friday. I'm posting this using the signal from my phone. With the exception of the removal of my password details everything else is a straight … Continue reading Skyfail – a secret service

Humane Resourced – I’m retiring

So today I'm sitting down to draw together the final submissions for the next Humane Resourced book. If you still haven't got your chapter to me then please make sure you get it to me as soon as you can. The last one is still available here I've been useless resisting temptation with this book and … Continue reading Humane Resourced – I’m retiring