Christmas lights and credit

I worked for an organisation a long time ago that paid the last few thousand pounds needed to meet a city's fundraising target for lights. We weren't the biggest donor by a long way but the local press gave us the headline of 'X steps in to save Christmas'. It's very easy to value that … Continue reading Christmas lights and credit

One about pedestals

This will probably be my only World Cup blog. I've avoided using a football term in the title to hopefully avoid the accusations of clickbait. My last blog was on what behaviour we excuse due to being far too generous to people with charisma. This is about a similar theme... Generally I think there is … Continue reading One about pedestals

Convenience will prevail

One of the most important elements of the way we think and choose is that our stated long term preferences simply aren't always aligned with our immediate actions. I've just been reading a piece on the future of gaming services and it contains a CEO stating "Convenience will prevail". There is a worrying and profound … Continue reading Convenience will prevail