Star Wars – HR Style

So, today, I'm inspired by pants and Star Wars...If you haven't already seen it there is a long flourishing underground trend of reproducing lines from Star Wars, but substituting in the word pants - Star Wars Pants JokesAn example would be 'I sense a great disturbance in the pants'. #HRStar WarsMy mind softly ambled one day, whilst thinking … Continue reading Star Wars – HR Style

One identifiable victim – consequences for many

The look in the woman's eyes was suspicious and apologetic all at once. I was travelling in London for the first time since 7/7 and the woman was joining a few other passengers in slowly moving down the carriage, away from my friend and I. It wasn't as subtle a move as they had hoped. My … Continue reading One identifiable victim – consequences for many

Rodin’s longest success

So, for this blog I'm going to be reflecting on what you can learn from RodinThe De Niro film, with the epic car chase - where they are all fighting over a briefcase with unknown contents? No, that is Ronin. This is about the sculptor Rodin who created The Thinker and The Kiss. I was … Continue reading Rodin’s longest success

HR as a wartime consigliere

In the last Blog I wrote about Star Wars - and in my first I wrote about Jaws. The plan is to keep struggling through films (and other things) until I end up scraping the bottom of the media barrel, so feel free to stop reading when I start producing articles with titles like lessons … Continue reading HR as a wartime consigliere

Return of the HR Jedi

Ok... if you haven't seen Star Wars then please just read my Blog on Jaws, if you haven't seen Jaws then please read my Blog on Job Hunting. If you don't have an awareness of any of these things then: congratulations on getting a job, why don't you sit down this weekend and watch Jaws … Continue reading Return of the HR Jedi

Why only 5% of recruitment agencies are useful

(I'm happily consulting now - this was published back in May - my experiences didn't get better....) Ugh. I'm currently 'looking for new opportunities' which, apparently, together with 'freelance', is what you say so that people feel comfortable talking to the person who hasn't got a permanent role.    I've been lucky enough to do some consultancy … Continue reading Why only 5% of recruitment agencies are useful

Training a Great White Shark

About 3 years ago I started writing a book. That book was never published for a variety of reasons, chiefly that I only ever wrote 6 pages and it wasn't very good. It was going to be on lessons for business from the movies - and then suddenly everyone was writing about business lessons from … Continue reading Training a Great White Shark