Change Advocacy

This is my active advocacy for thinking about change and impact.

People Performance Potential

Who advocates change in your organisation? How do they advocate it? Who do they advocate it to?

All important Change Leadership questions but just as important if not more so is the question of what impact is that advocacy having? After all, the purpose of advocacy is to build authentic support for the change(s) you envisage.

We can look to models such as the diffusion of innovations and the tipping point… but often such segmentation characterises peoples current or past advocacy rather than help you understand what more you might need to do next. One way to look more specifically at the dynamics around advocacy is to use a model such as the following :

Change Advocacy Model

Quite simply others experience of our advocacy starts with some level of ignorance (or not knowing what you are advocating) and with increasing levels of interest, belief, support and motivation may progress to becoming…

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Customer focus, leadership visits and police cars

I'm working up in London a fair bit at the moment and most days I head for sushi at the itsu on Sackville Street. The staff there are warm, welcoming, smiley, prompt, efficient and the store/restaurant always looks great. They remember me, they engage and they never do anything but enhance my day. The food is … Continue reading Customer focus, leadership visits and police cars

UKIP and entitlement

I've heard two truly great speeches live. One was by Tony Benn and the other was by my A-Level economics teacher. I know this blog is about HR(ish), but some of the noise from UKIP has stirred a memory of that speech by my teacher. I was lucky enough go to grow up in a … Continue reading UKIP and entitlement

I’m not crying – an experiment

"If I wait for stormy skies then you won't know the rain from the tears in my eyes" The Everly Brothers"you see my smile it's out of place, look a little bit closer and it's easy to trace the tracks of my tears" Smokey Robinson and the Miracles"you wished me well, but you couldn't tell … Continue reading I’m not crying – an experiment

Questioning out loud: Analytics

I'm in a session on HR analytics at the Strategic HR network on 'Enabling HR'. Nice to see a few folks from Twitter. Here are the questions being prompted by what I'm hearing from the speaker. Not saying the speaker is wrong, just these are the questions I'm noting down as we go. - why … Continue reading Questioning out loud: Analytics

L+D – the search for relevance

The new CIPD Learning and Development report has been released. You can find it here. I thought, as an experiment, I'd have a crack at writing my thoughts down as I read it - and we'd see where that took us to. I changed my mind and left you with a summary of the foreword … Continue reading L+D – the search for relevance

Fighting Fog

Powerlessness simply sucks. Feeling a lack of control simply sucks. I’m pretty confident on those two points. I’m not sure that it matters how the truth is bundled as long as it is heard. Maybe sometimes it is the truth that is most unsettling. I’m not sure, but I’m open to being wrong. I don’t think there is a ‘perhaps’ to the fact that the pull of Baywatch was the attractive blondes. I don’t think I can justify my blog by highlighting the quality of Julie’s thoughts – but this really is a pretty tough ‘do the ends justify the means’ problem.

fuchsia blue

6a015436eb4a84970c0192ac870d39970dThis blog has been a long time in the making.
There are times in my life and my work where I have the sense I’m fighting fog. Like somehow I’ve just lost a game I didn’t know I was in. Where I become aware that I’m feeling angry and somehow disadvantaged and I can’t quite work out how or where it has come from… where the rules of engagement seem to suggest everything is fine and normal and good – but my instinct is all is not right and I have an urge to kick back and bite…..
So when David D’Souza wrote his blog last Sunday on Sexy Women of HR– I found myself profoundly, almost comically angry… and I mean properly, arrestingly – WTF angry….. but I couldn’t quite find the words for or understand why.
And I’ve sat quietly with a question of what “that” sense…

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Sexy women of HR – post implementation review

Last week I published a post called 'The sexy women of HR' and there was a very strong reaction to it. It gave me some insight into how popular upsetting people can be. You can see what it did to my blog stats in the pic below. The reaction fell into a few camps, so working … Continue reading Sexy women of HR – post implementation review

A selection of theHRDIRECTOR blogs

For the past few months I've been writing a blog for theHRDIRECTOR on a monthly basis, as have a few other familiar faces. I thought I'd pull the ones I'd written into one place and pick out some of my favourites by other folkMine, mine....ALL MINEExit Management - Dignity Costs Nothing - why  provoking an extreme … Continue reading A selection of theHRDIRECTOR blogs