Leaders: Is that how you want to be seen?

I wrote some time ago about the fact that senior teams on organisations are people too. I was chatting to a group a few weeks ago about influencing organisational strategy and that sometimes the aspirational influencing techniques and the ROI figures from research won't hit the spot. That's because evidence helps - but people still … Continue reading Leaders: Is that how you want to be seen?

Learning from Cornettos – Personal Branding

I went to see some Opera in Florence last year at the recommendation of a colleague. It isn't something I normally do, but if you are in Florence you could do worse than head to St Marks Church to see what they have on. This is especially true as the money they raise from performances … Continue reading Learning from Cornettos – Personal Branding

Brangelina Cultures

I remember reading some years ago about a theory as to why so many movie stars fall in love with other on set. The example given was Angelina Jolie splitting up Brad Pitt's relationship with 'America's sweetheart' Jennifer Aniston.  The argument goes a little like this... Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have a normal relationship … Continue reading Brangelina Cultures

Brave L&D – is the other folk

Go on then. Two quick stories. In each I think the bravery comes from the people who backed me, not from me (because I just did what I do and that's not very brave). i) the annual budget for L&D comes through - and despite the fact the headcount has gone up our budget has … Continue reading Brave L&D – is the other folk