Where good stuff happens. Where good people explore

Whatever is in your calendar just cancel it... just go ahead and rearrange your day on either the 13th or 14th of May. Come and meet me and have a coffee and then I'll introduce you to people significantly smarter and better than me. I now work for the CIPD, which means I get my … Continue reading Where good stuff happens. Where good people explore

Will you still be authentic?

I recently started work with the CIPD. I'll be doing a role that I consider to be genuinely worthwhile. If you live in London and work in HR or L&D feel free to connect. We'll be doing some good things and I'd love more people to benefit from them. If you currently don't think we … Continue reading Will you still be authentic?

How to harness half-baked ideas

I find one of the best ways of being creative is having other ideas to 'bounce off'. The broader those ideas are the better. I always try to think of the extreme polar solutions to a problem and then work from there. That stops me always going for the safe choice and allows me to … Continue reading How to harness half-baked ideas

Feedback would happen all the time if

Helen Amery set a challenge recently to think about why feedback doesn't happen all the time. I couldn't decide on one thing to write, so I didn't write about one thing. So feedback would happen all the time if.... Every company was a talking shop and we didn't have any work to do If we … Continue reading Feedback would happen all the time if

The #HR April Fool Test

At some point I'm going to release a book of organisational tests. But not quite yet. To tide people over until that momentous event here is the April Fools Day Test for HR. 1. Sit down and work out the silliest email that your HR Department could send to the business that people might believe … Continue reading The #HR April Fool Test