This time it’s personnel – for all HR authors

Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great Christmas. I deliberately left you alone and went quiet for a bit – but the relentless, trundling communication will now return in earnest.

This post is an update for any authors – or potential authors – wishing to contribute to the follow up to Humane Resourced. If you’d like to join in then fill in your details here – if you know anyone who you think might then please share this link. Key points

  • all for charity
  • no experience needed
  • don’t be scared

We have over 60 authors signed up now so we are well positioned to create a book that is longer than the first and even better. The first chapters have been created (very exciting) and more people are contacting me for passwords or contact details to submit their chapter. I’d like to get to over 70 authors – so please think about how you might know who could add something to the book. Remember we are working towards early Feb for having chapters completed.

I could do with your help on the following things

  • we STILL need more US authors. If you know any people who’d like to contribute then please share and encourage. Remember, we are going for the #1 spot in the US charts and so the more US contributors we have the better – both in terms of reach and quality. Special thanks to Steve Browne for all his help so far and happy birthday to him too
  • Tim Scott and Perry would like a little of your time for their piece here
  • Last time we charged the minimum price we could for the book – under £2. It would be great if people could give their thoughts in the comments below as to how much we should charge this time and why

Please share this – Google+, tweet, LinkedIn, email and word of mouth. We have a Google+ page here by the way – feel free to post, share or +1.

Any questions – please get in touch



11 thoughts on “This time it’s personnel – for all HR authors

  1. Cheers Ed.
    Charge? Maybe go £2.90 or similar this time around.
    Charity? As we have international authors, might we want a charity in EACH country? Not sure if we did that last time (or ones that cross borders).

    This time, it’s personnel. Brilliant. I think have someone else (highly regarded too like Peter) who will do a foreword for this issue.


    1. Any suggestions for other highly regarded people for the foreword? I’d try stalking Dan Pink again, but I think I’m not legally allowed to make any contact until 2016. I think putting the price up a little (considering the quality and amount of content) makes sense. I’ll put more time into making sure we have a consistent formatting etc. this time as well. Happy New Year Mr Timms.


  2. Hi David,
    If it is sales we are after, (and why not?), there may be a price/quality perception issue here. Is a book that costs £2 any good? I know it is, but does the great buying public. There are many consultants who do not get work as a direct result of having a low day rate. I would suggest £5 or more, but this would be a matter for the community.
    As for US, cannot help, but I may be able to get a Middle East HR guy if that would help.


    1. Middle East would be great. It isn’t about sales as much as getting people’s work in as many peoples hands as possible – but if we can make more money for charity without detriment to that then it seems sensible to maximise that. I like the £5 price point – it feels more grown up and like you say is ‘reassuringly expensive’


      1. I’m keen on the £5 price point, it’s neither expensive or inexpensive. I’d be interested to know how much money we actually earnt from book 1…

        As before, I have no preference in terms of charity – there are so many deserving causes.


        1. We haven’t made much – just waiting for the first full 1/4 statement from Amazon. We gave it away free during CIPD13 and, on reflection, that was probably the best sales opportunity. This time we won’t make the same mistake! Good to get your thoughts on £5 prince point. Have a great week


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